Welcome to CrossFit Sunbury

We’re a friendly, community spirited gym on a mission to improve the fitness, health, confidence and self esteem of all our members.

About Us

About Us

CrossFit Sunbury provides specialist, functional training for all shapes, sizes and abilities. Your fitness, performance and confidence levels soar in a matter of weeks from CrossFit training. Its competitive element drives you forward as does the support and encouragement from fellow members. CrossFit is utterly unique and addictive.

We are open 7 days a week and offer daily CrossFit classes through the mornings and evenings. As well as CrossFit classes we have Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit conditioning, and offering events outside the gym environment that offer extra focus on running and swimming.



Limited Membership

£ 130 per month
  • 3 CrossFit sessions per week
  • Pick any 3 sessions including
    Olympic weightlifting, open gym
    and conditioning

Unlimited Membership

£ 160 per month
  • Unlimited CrossFit sessions per week
  • Olympic Lifting Classes
  • Attendance at open gym sessions

100% no commitment and no payment details required

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